How to be a Better Settler #9: Support Indigenous business

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Especially entrepreneurs, startups, and women.

There are a bunch of really great Indigenous-owned businesses out there, and you should be supporting them.

Create some economic equality. Buy Indigenous artwork and crafts–from real Indigenous artists, not cultural appropriators, or mass-marketed stuff made in China that you get in souvenir stores. (Full disclosure: I used to work in a souvenir store in Victoria, B.C., and we peeled the ‘made in China’ stickers off the mini totem poles so customers could feel like they were buying the Real Deal).

Frequent a local Indigenous owned-and-operated cafe or store. Hire an Indigenous freelancer. When you’re shopping online, check out the Indigenous businesses and marketplaces, like SheNative,  Beyond Buckskin,   Manitobah Mukluks, and Northwest Coast Gifts.

You get the idea. There are a ton of ways you can support visibly Indigenous businesses.

#BuyNative. Support Native businesses. Contribute to economic equality, sustainability and reconciliation.