How to be a Better Settler #10: Sponsor a local Indigenous sports team

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When you’re looking around for a team or sporting event to sponsor, get in touch with your local First Nation and ask them: “Hey, do you have any sports teams, or a massive tournament coming up, and do you think they would like a sponsor?”

See how easy that was? I bet they’ll say yes. They might say no too. So then you just find another team or event that wants a sponsor. Sports are expensive, and teams love sponsors, and it is fantastic advertising for you.

Think about the customers you’ll attract. Think about how the public will view your business–the one that’s contributing to Reconciliation by supporting local teams and events. Think about the relationships you would build. Think about how much wider your sphere of influence could become.

Think of the kids that would feel really good because a business sponsored their team. Think of the young players who would feel really good because a business believes in their ability as a team.

Think of the precedent you may be setting in your community.

Think how good it would make you, and your employees, and your other customers and clients feel.

Wouldn’t that feel really really good?