What I offer

As a Culture Broker, my role is to reduce intercultural conflict and produce change. Here’s how I can do that at your organization:

Before you engage with a new partner, or early in your engagement:

Organizational Audit: This is the first thing you need to do, and where I start with all my clients. Maybe you’ve just started your partnership with Indigenous people, maybe you’re just thinking about it,  or maybe you want to improve current partnerships. The organizational audit identifies gaps and strengths, giving you a baseline start point.

Partnership Plan: The Partnership Plan lays out for you how you will engage with Indigenous groups, what your aims and expectations are, and what you can offer the partnership. This is different from a strategic plan in that it focuses solely on the relationships you have, the relationships you want to build, and how you want those relationships to develop into long-term, sustainable, profitable partnerships.

When you want to take it up a notch, change course, or regroup:

Strategic Planning: This builds upon the organizational audit. Strategic Planning can come at any time in your journey to engage with Indigenous people. You’re either starting fresh, building on lessons learned, or repairing a fractured relationship. A Strategic Plan is your road map.

Reconciliation Action Plans:  Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and an answer to call from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action, you and your organization can develop meaningful relationships with Indigenous people and communities through the work of Reconciliation. This one takes courage. I develop customized plans based on a basic framework, and support implementation.

You’re ready to implement, and you want your employees to be well-supported:

Reducing Employee Burnout and Turnover: I work with you to create the hidden, internal infrastructure within your organization to support Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees tasked with implementing your relationship plan.

When you need to make a new connection to get the work done:

Networking and Connecting with Indigenous Partners: I can connect you with new partners and broker working relationships when you need and want an Indigenous partner for the next phase of your project.

When you’re in the throes of implementation, and things just aren’t going as hoped:

Troubleshooting and crisis-solving: This is where I’ve lived most days of my career for the past decade–getting to the bottom of the implementation crisis, and rising back up to the top with a way forward.